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ComSel represents the following Manufacturers

Testing Solutions:
AEA manufacturers testing solutions that include Step TDR's vector network analyzers and SWR/return loss meters.
Battery Testing, Conditioning and Charging Equipment:
Cadex is the leader in designing and manufacturing battery analyzers.

Communications Shelters:
Dupont is nationally known and respected for the quality and craftsmanship built into each communications shelter.
Radio Communication Test Equipment:
Freedom Communication Technologies manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of full featured communication system analyzers including the R8000B.
Land Mobile Two Way Radios:
Midland is the leading manufacturer of analog and digital (P25 Technology) Portables, Mobiles and Base Station/Repeaters.
Communication, Speaker and Security Mounts:
Panavise is a leading Manufacturer of Innovative Holding Solutions.
Wireless Microphones:
American International Radio manufacturers the X10DR, a long range secure, wireless microphone for mobile radios.
Simoco Group Digital Two-Way Radios:
Simoco produces integrated communication solutions including digital radio systems and IP communications.
sinclair Advanced Antenna and Filter Systems:
Sinclair Technologies' RF Antenna and Filter Systems are designed to function in extreme weather conditions.

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